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Blackberry vs Smartphones. Are there a winner?

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Aug 06 in International Telecommunications

In the technological world we are used to something new always sinks to what until then had been established. What is now arguably the most modern in three years is an authentic antique.
And worst of all is that this period of 3 years is getting shorter.
It is sad but real as life itself.

If you are about to change your mobile for "something else", probably you could be interested in this article.


Blackberry has a reputation for creating devices that not only facilitate mobile communication but also aid productivity, making it a popular choice for business people who are constantly on the go. Although initially Blackberry's product line consisted of mobile computing devices and personal digital assistants, or PDAs, they have since developed a line of smart phones that combine mobile efficiency with PDA functionality. Although Blackberry devices are made to compete with other smart phones such as the iPhone or the Android, they still have differences that should be taken into consideration when choosing a mobile device.

As for emails question, there is something you need to know. Although smart phones generally have the option of adding e-mail apps and the ability to access webmail sites such as Gmail or Hotmail, Blackberry devices have integrated e-mail software that make them a better choice for handling e-mail on the go. Blackberry devices can connect with Microsoft Exchange Server, making them more compatible with businesses that run on Windows-based networks.

Since Blackberry devices were originally intended to be mobile computing devices for busy executives and business people, they have integrated word processing and document creation functionality that goes beyond that of most other smart phones, running mobile versions of Word and Excel that allow users to not only read but also create documents on the go.

Blackberry devices also typically have an integrated mobile version of Microsoft Outlook, providing full calendar and scheduling capabilities that can be synced with other Outlook calendars, such as the one on your desktop computer. Smart phone users can either add apps or access mobile web sites that offer calendar and scheduling functionality, but Blackberry's ability to work with Outlook is another reason it's a popular device with businesses and executives.

While Blackberry devices are geared toward business and productivity, smart phones are geared more toward mobile entertainment and web browsing. Smart phones include video games and the ability to watch videos and television shows online, as well as the ability to shoot videos, take pictures and share both online. Many also come with built in MP3 players as well as providing access to streaming Internet radio.


Now you have the choice in your hand. If you want a handheld device to work: Blackberry, if you're going to use for training and leisure: Smartphone. ( This is just advice that we give you )

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